Chavanne McDonald

A native of New Orleans, Chavanne Korbel McDonald spent her formative years in the city which is known for its rich artistic history. Surrounded by a vibrant artist community growing up, along with the sprawling landscape of the Mississippi Delta, Chavanne's ability to capture the essence of colors and shapes is colorfully expressed in her mixed media paintings. 

After graduating high school from the Academy of the Sacred Heart in New Orleans, Chavanne received her bachelor of fine art degree from the University of Texas, before beginning her masters work in school counseling, art and play therapy. While having spent the past eight years working at the Louisiana Children's Museum and the Mississippi Children's Museum, Chavanne has immensely enjoyed forging relationships with families across Louisiana and Mississippi. Through spending time with others, Chavanne finds great inspiration for her work as an artist.

By coupling the cutout technique, similar to that of her favorite painter, Henri Matisse, along with color theory, Chavanne's portfolio is filled with pieces that are structured by shapes and anchored with whimsical use of color. Often, her art is a "collaborative effort" with her sons, who assist her in painting and naming her pieces.  

Married to Dr. Jay P.McDonald, they reside in Memphis, Tennessee with their two sons and golden retriever.


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